fanz'zoo Features

Fan Forum

The fan forum (the large circular picture on the home page) is where your fans can post pictures and/or comment on posted pictures. Users can simply tap the fan forum button to enter and see fan forum posts. Tap any image to view comments. Any fan forum image may be saved to a users local photo library. Administrators may choose to lock the fan forum to prohibit any image posts. The fan forum lock is found in Admin Settings.

*Note. Users (fans) can only post to the fan forum if they have registered. Users (fans) are prohibited from posting copyrighted, offensive or inflammatory images and/or text.


The schedule button lists group events by description, date and time. The event may be added to your local device calendar by the tap of a button. Administrators may link to any URL with additional information (flyer, tournament bracket, etc.) on the event and include a map of the location by entering the address. Users may tap View Map to launch and view the map.

Push Notifications

Administrators may login and tap “Add” in the messages section, type a message and send the push notification out to all who have installed your site on Fanzzoo. A log of the push notifications display in the Messages section. This is a great way to engage your followers, send updates, reminders and other general group messages instantly. Limit your alerts to a maximum of about 120 characters for best results.


Seemlessly integrate a store on your Fanzzoo app site to raise funds for your club, your cause, your program, your business, your team, your booster club, your classroom, your charity, etc.

Users tap the Link icon, followed by the URL icon to find your webstore.

Create a store linked from your app site and start earning today. To start click here.


Fanzzoo allows you (Administrators) to create any specific or generic fundraising campaign and link it to whatever website platform you choose! And the best thing is…its changeable! Each of your fundraisers can last a maximum of 120 days but can be set for as little as 7 days. Whether it be,,, or any other webstore, Fanzzoo can link to that site via the “I CAN HELP” button that is generated automatically after you load the details. When complete, just email Fanzzoo to activate the link of your choice. A one time $10 service fee is charged to activate your link. Activate Now!



The settings icon (gear icon at top right within the Site List) takes you to user settings. User settings include a variety of features that general users can configure. The Admin Settings link (within user settings) may require the administrators email and password to login. Administrator settings (Login) allows administrators to have master editing privileges. Administrators may add, edit or delete content, control the marquee, lock or unlock your members page, lock or unlock the fan forum display, send push notifications and add additional administrators. While these settings are generally self explanatory, we encourage users and administrators to explore the settings section of the app to become familiar with the many options and features of Fanzzoo.


When in doubt, tap Help on your Android device. Tap the question mark icon to learn about the function of any screen that displays it. Also, tap the Settings (gear icon in the Site-List page) and tap “How To Use This App” to get back to this page. Really baffled?… email us at

The messages button displays all push notifications sent from an administrator of the app site. Registered or unregistered users may view the messages log.


General users of the Fanzzoo app can follow any app-site and view its content without registering.  However, if you wish to participate and interact with the app-site by posting pictures or comments, you must register.  Registration only requires your name and email address.  After registering you can view your QR Code ID by tapping Settings>View My ID.


Registered users may post text, and photos to the fan forum.  Comment on and existing post or post your own.

Any pictures, logo’s or images you want to display on your app-site should be loaded to your device library prior to getting started.  High resolution images are the key to a beautiful and engaging app-site!  *Tip… if you lock your fan forum in Admin Settings, you can control all images that display on your marquee (marquee defined below).

Home Page

The Fanzzoo app’s content home page includes the fan forum, members, calendar, messages, billboard, link and crowd-funding buttons. The home page has the site list icon (upper left) where you can access all app-sites you have installed on Fanzzoo.  A fan counter displays the current number of unique installs on any app-site and the marquee displays (in rotation) your site image and pictures from the fan forum.  Load lots of pictures to make your site awesome!

Site Image

The site image is the main logo or picture representing your group, team or organization.


The marquee is the main large image display on your home screen. Tap any marquee to enter the Fan Forum.



The members button will launch to an exclusive list of site members.  This may be a roster, a list of participants or group members that the site administrators wish to acknowledge seperately from general fans and users.  Administrators can unlock then lock the members section after their members have loaded their profiles.


The billboard is where administrators can post proprietary content or information on their site.  The billboard is also where site owners can fundraise (if they choose to do so) by selling billboard space.  The billboard includes an image (similar to the fan forum), however, when you tap on the image in the billboard the text includes a title, message, web link and a call button. The billboard is ideal for recognizing your supporters, sponsors or advertisers.

Site List

The Fanzzoo icon (top left) launches to your site list.  This is where all your sites are found.  Tapping any installed site will launch to the home page of that site. You Add Sites and Remove Sites here. Tip…install various app-sites to give you ideas on how to set up your own site!

Fan Counter

The fan counter represents the number of unique installs of the site on Fanzzoo. By tapping this counter you can share and announce your site by linking to Facebook, Twitter or your Email. There is also a email link to contact the Fanzzoo support team.

Ticket Taking and Traffic Tracking

App site owners and administrators can now keep track of how many fans are attending their events by utilizing any QR Code scanner.  Fans can tap View My ID to display their ID.  Scan the fans ID to track attendance, bill them later, run a raffle or build a database of names and email addresses. Each user will be assigned a unique numeric ID.

Verified App Site

App sites with our official badge, displayed in Search, have been approved as official verified organizations. To apply for official status, contact Fanzzoo by tapping the Link and email us. Or, send an email to and we will respond to you. Please provide your website URL or any other proof. Fanzzoo will make approvals at their sole discretion. Verified App Sites may request additional reports from Fanzzoo on user analytics tied to their app site. Contact Fanzzoo for details.